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2023-05-17, Toshiba launches Overtemperature Detection IC ThermoflaggerTM series IC

Toshiba Electronics Components and Memory Devices Inc. announced the launch of the first two products in the overtemperature Detection IC ThermoflaggerTM series: "TCTH021BE" FLAG signal with no latch function when an abnormal state is detected, and "TCTH022BE" FLAG signal detection with latch function. They use positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors to detect temperature rise inside electronic devices in simple circuit configurations.

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2023-05-17, The smaller, thinner and lighter FO-USON8 is packaged with 128Mb SPI NOR Flash

Industry leading semiconductor device supplier GigaDevice has announced the launch of SPI NOR Flash GD25LE128EXH in a 3mm×3mm×0.4mm FO-USON8 package with a maximum thickness of only 0.4mm and a capacity of up to 128Mb. It is the smallest plastic packaging product that can be realized in this capacity in the industry at present.

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2023-05-17, STMicroelectronics releases flexible isolated step-down converter chips

The L6983i 10W isolated step-down (iso-buck) converter is a compact, energy efficient, and flexible package that protects power conversion and gate drives for IGBT, SiC, and GaN transistors. Low static current, 3.5V-38V wide input voltage and other advantages.

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2023-05-17, Intel's AI edge computing technology is helping grassroots medical innovation and upgrading

Intel held a forum with the theme of "AI edge Computing enables medical imaging to help grassroots medical innovation and upgrading". At the forum, professionals from Intel, industry associations and leading enterprises in the medical field had an in-depth discussion on how to help grassroots medical informatization construction through the integration of medical AI and cloud edge, and improve the efficiency of medical services and medical staff work experience and other important issues.

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2023-05-16, Infineon's high-power modules help to drive energy saving electrified trains to decarburize

To meet global climate targets, transport must switch to greener vehicles, such as fuel-efficient electrified trains. However, trains operate under harsh operating conditions, requiring frequent acceleration and braking and reliable operation over a long service life. Therefore, they require energy efficient traction applications with high power density, high reliability and high quality. Infineon Technologies has responded to these needs by adding two new products to its CoolSiC™ power module portfolio: FF2000UXTR33T2M1 and FF2600UXTR33T2M1

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2023-05-16, Digital twin signaling is used to realize advanced prototype design of semiconductor wafers

Keysight Technologies has released a new Universal Signal Processing Architecture (USPA) modeling platform that enables semiconductor companies to fully prototype, validate, and pre-stream chips using fully compatible, standards-based digital twin signals in a real-time development environment. M8135A - Pre-configured USPA system suitable for single-channel transceiver related applications.

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2023-05-16, To help achieve innovative design of OEM system, Grayhill series precision switches were sold

Eromun, Anfulinet's global distributor of electronic components and solutions, announced that it has signed a global distribution agreement with Grayhill, a leading global manufacturer of precision switches, to become Grayhill's new authorized distributor. Through this agreement, e ROM will provide customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific with a range of high-quality human-machine interface products to enable innovative design of OEM systems

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2023-05-16, Infineon launches new IC for automotive applications

Infineon Technologies Inc. introduces the OptiMOS™ 7 40V MOSFET family. As Infineon's newest generation of power mosFeTs for automotive applications, OptiMOS™ 7 40V MosFeTs offer a variety of pin-free, rugged power packages. The product line uses 300mm thin wafer technology and innovative packaging, which offers significant performance advantages over other devices that are microencapsulated.

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2023-05-16, Littelfuse introduces Series 150520 in-line fuse holder

Littelfuse's latest 150520 Series in-line fuse holder is rated for 600VAC/VDC, current 20A and size 5x20mm. These convenient in-line fuses are ideal for applications that require supplemental circuit protection, including data centers, industrial HVAC, and power supplies. The 150520 offers eight-inch pre-stripped leads and pre-installed fuse clips for quick installation.

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2023-05-16, Bourns expands office and electrification laboratory in Cork, Ireland

A leading manufacturer of electronic components for power, protection and sensing solutions, Bourns has added a large office and a new electrification laboratory in Cork, Ireland, to meet the growing demand for advanced power electronics and sensing solutions

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2023-05-16, Intel and BCG announced a partnership to deliver enterprise-level secure generative AI

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Intel (Intel) announced a strategic partnership to leverage Intel's end-to-end AI hardware and software to enable Generative artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to bring fully customized and proprietary solutions to enterprise customers, It also isolates private data in its trusted environment.

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2023-05-16, Elektrobit joins BlackBerry to build advanced autonomous driving system

Elektrobit has announced a partnership with BlackBerry to provide basic software support for the new Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, a leading Chinese luxury NEV manufacturer. Elektrobit's state-of-the-art AUTOSAR Adaptive software platform and BlackBerry QNX are ISO 26262 ASIL D certified operating systems. Together, they have laid a complete pre-integration foundation for the development of ADAS electronic control units (ECUs) with enhanced vehicle safety levels.

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2023-05-15, The new wireless charging transmitter IC is the ideal choice for charging applications with power up to 50 W

Wireless charging has become an integral part of today's battery-powered applications, bringing an easy-to-use, user-friendly experience to portable products across a wide range of industries. Infineon further expands its Wireless charging (WLC) controller IC product lineup with the introduction of the new WLC1150 Wireless charging Transmitter IC, providing a highly integrated, easy-to-design and cost-effective solution for applications requiring greater wireless power transmission capabilities.

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2023-05-15, Mitsubishi Electric has begun offering samples of SiC-MOSFET modules integrated with SBD

Mitsubishi Electric has begun offering samples of a new integrated SBD*1 SiC*2-MOSFET*3 module with a voltage rating of 3.3kV and insulation resistance of 6.0kVrms. It will help to provide higher power density, efficiency and reliability for railways, electric power systems and large industrial converter systems.

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2023-05-15, Basic Semiconductor released the second generation of silicon carbide MOSFET series new products

Basic semiconductor once again appeared in the world's most powerful semiconductor exhibition - PCIM Europe 2023, in Nuremberg, Germany, the official release of the second generation of silicon carbide MOSFET products. The performance of the new generation of products has been greatly improved, and the product types have been further enriched, helping to achieve better energy efficiency and application reliability in the industries of new energy vehicles, DC fast charging, photovoltaic energy storage, industrial power supply, communication power supply and so on.

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2023-05-15, Phoenix Electric introduces new MACX-MR series monitoring relays

Phoenix Electric's new MACX-MR series of monitoring relays is intuitive, reliable, and supports fault tracing to continuously monitor various electrical parameters such as voltage, phase sequence, current, and motor coil temperature. Adapt to the harsh temperature and humidity environment, safe and accurate. Improves system availability and saves costly downtime or maintenance.

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2023-05-15, Samsung Electronics has launched its first CXL DRAM supporting CXL 2.0

Samsung Electronics has announced the development of its first 128GB DRAM that supports Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) 2.0. At the same time, Samsung has worked closely with Intel to achieve milestone progress on Intel Xeon's platform.

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2023-05-15, STMicroelectronics releases inertial modules that combine a three-axis digital accelerometer and a three-axis digital gyroscope

ISM330IS and ISN330ISN iNEMO inertial modules from STMicroelectronics. These modules combine a three-axis digital accelerometer with a three-axis digital gyroscope and are integrated system-level packaging solutions. The always-on, low-power nature enables these inertial modules to deliver outstanding performance in industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, including industrial robotics, asset tracking, condition monitoring, and complex motion detection.