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STMicroelectronics introduces controllers that make portable products look amazing

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Data de postagem: 2024-02-01, STMicroelectronics

Arriving in 2021, ST's STM32U5 is a game-changing low-power MCU.As the flagship product of the STM32 series of high performance and low power consumption, the STM32U5 continues the application range of the STM32F2/F4/F7, while having lower energy consumption and higher cost performance. In industrial control systems, U5 can undertake core functions such as master controller, system monitoring and graphic display.


High performance, low power consumption, rich digital peripherals and higher performance analog interfaces, strong security features, and support for graphics acceleration, make the STM32U5 in industrial control, industrial meters and medical health, personal wearable devices and other applications to achieve good performance, enabling pan-industrial system innovation.

In this era of visual domination, people's pursuit of graphic effects will never end, but also hope to achieve more simple and fast, more cost-effective. "It would be nice if you could design high-end, dynamic displays with a simple solution."

ST recently launched its new STM32U5 microcontrollers (MCUS), the STM32CUT 9/G9 and the STM32CUT 7/G7, which integrate new dedicated graphics accelerators to deliver enhanced graphics for cost-sensitive, small, portable products. The ultra-low-power STM32Cut 9/G9 and STM32Cut 7/G7 integrate 3MB of on-chip static memory (SRAM) to provide multiple frame cache for graphics displays, saving on external memory chips. The new product also integrates ST's NeoChromVG graphics processor (GPU), capable of achieving graphics effects comparable to more expensive high-end microprocessors.


Single-chip solution for advanced graphics effects

The new series of U5 products are the first STM32 MCUS to support hardware-accelerated vector operations, capable of rendering SVG images and vector fonts. The embedded NeoChrom GPU helps the CPU carry graphics computing tasks, freeing up memory and improving performance for smoother and richer graphics effects, such as image rotation, Alpha transparency blending, and texture mapping for precise viewing angles.

In addition, the new MCU also has a JPEG codec for processing MJPEG video. These features allow product developers to use dynamic ICONS, support for multiple font sizes, zoomable maps, video playback and other technologies in smart appliances, smart home controllers, electric bicycles and industrial end devices, and consumers can expect to see a new generation of portable products on the market that are cooler, more fun, and more intuitive.


With the integration of advanced graphics processing capabilities and large-capacity RAM memory on chip, designers can develop high-performance graphics subsystems without external memory, thus saving PCB space and eliminating the need for off-chip high-speed signal transmission. In addition to 3MB of SRAM memory, 4MB of flash memory is integrated on-chip, providing ample non-volatile storage space for code and data.


The new MCUS come in a low-cost 100-pin LQFP package that enables a simple 4-layer PCB design and avoids common problems caused by signal wiring and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

ST licensing partner Riverdi has developed a new product with advanced graphics capabilities using the STM32deep-9 /G9 MCU. Kamil Koz? owski, co-CEO of Riverdi, said: "The latest STM32 MCU is a single-chip solution with superior graphics capabilities and cost flexibility, allowing us to offer a 5-inch display module at a more attractive price, providing end product manufacturers with a professional total display solution to help them design customized user interfaces for their products." "Our new embedded display solution is fully integrated within ST's TouchGFX GUI design framework, so customers can start developing their own UI as soon as they open the display package."

The STM32Cut/Cut 9/G9 and STM32Cut /G7 use an advanced and energy-efficient Arm® Cortex-M33 processor core with a processing speed of 240 DMIPS when operating at 160MHz and a ULPMark-CoreProfile (CP) score of 464. The family of MCUS features 200nA standby mode, multiple low-power modes that support partial RAM content retention and fast wake up, and power consumption of only 16μA/MHz in operation mode, increasing the flexibility to optimize power consumption and performance.

The STM32U5 product line offers a wide range of product models based on GPU capabilities, packaging, memory capacity, and interface configurations to meet developers' different needs for advanced graphics effects.


Comprehensive ecosystem support

Like all other STM32MCUs, ST provides full ecosystem support for the new STM32U5, offering mature STM32 peripherals and IoT hardware security features, as well as the STM23Cube ecosystem that includes software tools, middleware, libraries and code examples.

ST also provides a wealth of evaluation and development tools to support STM32U5 graphics features, including the discovery kit STM32U5A9J-DK/STM32U5A9J-DK1, the industrial-grade discovery kit STM32U5A9J-DK2, the STM32 Nucleo development board, and reference designs provided by partners. For example, Riverdi 50 STM2U599.


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