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Remote thermal monitoring and fan controller

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Data de postagem: 2023-03-30, ON Semiconductor

The ADT7475 controller is a thermal monitor and multi-PWM fan controller for noise-sensitive or power-sensitive applications requiring active system cooling. The ADT7475 can drive the fan using low or high frequency drive signals, monitor the temperature of up to two remote sensor diodes plus its own internal temperature, and measure and control the speed of up to four fans so that they operate at minimum speeds with minimal noise.

Automatic fan speed control ring optimizes fan speed for a given temperature. The effectiveness of the system's thermal solution can be monitored using THERM inputs. The ADT7475 also uses two-way THERM pins as an output to provide critical thermal protection to the system to prevent overheating of the system or components.

ADT7475 Pin assignment


ADT7475 Serial Bus Timing Diagram


ADT7475 Functional Block Diagram



● Control and monitor up to 4 fans

● High and low frequency fan drive signals

●1 on-chip and 2 remote temperature sensors

● Extended temperature measurement range up to 191°C

● Automatic fan speed control mode based cooling control system Relevant measured temperature

● Enhanced sound modes significantly reduce user perception Change fan speed

● Heat protection output through THERM

● Monitor the performance impact of Intel Pentium 4 processors

● The thermal control circuit is input through THERM

● Measure the 3-wire and 4-wire fan speeds

● Limit the comparison of all monitored values

● Meet SMBus 2.0 electrical specifications (Fully compatible with SMBus 1.1)

● These devices are lead-free, halogen/BFR free, and RoHS compatible

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