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Journey to Zhangjiajie City for celebrating the 2019 New Year

Postar em Janeiro 4, 2019
HEISENER Team , Journey to Zhangjiajie City for celebrating the 2019 New Year

Future Cooperation for Electronics Components between Heisener.com and TME.eu

Postar em Outubro 28, 2018
TME (https://www.tme.eu), one of the biggest electronics components distributors visited Heisener Electronics for discussing about the future cooperation today. Heisener Electronics Team (https://www.heisener.com) and TME Team held a meeting and conferred with each other on the issues Cooperation between the supply and marketing channels of electronic components.

Ocean Breezes Ease Summer Heat Wave

Postar em Agosto 6, 2017
To enrich the cultural life of employees, further enhance team spirit, and enhance staff cohesion and centripetal force, reflecting the company's humanistic atmosphere, the company organized employees travel to Huizhou.

Heisener Electronics Acquired ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification

Postar em Abril 18, 2017
Heisener Electronics officially passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and issued by Ingeer through the ICAS, UKAS approved the "quality management system certificate", which show Heisener Electronics have more rigorous build the quality management system for sales of electronic components , more in line with the international standards, at the same time indicate that Heisener Electronics further to provide the customers with the satisfaction of qualified products on the road, who has won international recognition in depth.

2017, Happy New Year! Best Wishes from Heisener to Everyone!

Postar em Dezembro 27, 2016
The Year 2017 is coming. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year 2017 to every customer and the families.

We Set off a New Round of Promotional Activities to Celebrate our Success on First Quarter

Postar em Maio 1, 2016
To celebrate Heisener.com's first quarter sales reaching a new milestone, we set off a new round of promotional activities to thanks for the support from our new and old customers. The price of our electronic components is going down.

To Provide Better User Experience, Our Office of Sales Branch will Move to a New Location

Postar em Fevereiro 27, 2016
In order to improve our service quality and efficiency, the Sales Branch of Heisener.com will move to the new location. Please see our contacts, Thank you!

Our System has New Home, A More Powerful Server, and the Better Experience

Postar em Janeiro 27, 2016
As the visits is increasing, our server is under pressure. In order to improve the system performance, we have moved our system into a more powerful server. Thanks.

A New Way to Request for Quotation, Another Kind of Experience

Postar em Março 3, 2015
Heisener.com have upgraded the Quotation Cart to more easier to be used. We always try to give the best experience to our customers. Please enjoy the new user interface, thank you.

Free Passive Component Giveaway Event (Event End)

Postar em Julho 6, 2014
On 2014-07-09, Heisener.com is giving away the named brand passive component for free to all engineers. It's a great chance to gain the high quality parts for your engineering tests.