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Resonant transformers/inductors save space in LLC applications and simplify the PCB layout

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Data de postagem: 2022-10-06, Vishay Dale

   Vishay IntertechNology has released a new type of resonant transformer for inductance-inductance-capacitance (LLC), which integrates the transformer and integrated inductor in a package. 5.5KW Visha Customized Magic MRTI5R5EZ to save PCB space, while simplifying layout and reducing component installation requirements, it provides a complete and adjustable magnetization and leakage, and the parasitic changes are extremely small.

   The device is the first transformer that uses the second intermediate transformer leg to complete the resonant inductance part of the circuit. Other implementation requires an additional magnetic core to provide the same performance. This unique structure saves space and simplifies the design by eliminating the requirements of the interconnection or jumper of the transformer winding from a resonant electrical electrical electrical electrical electrical electrical transformer winding. It will be used for airborne chargers and industrial control, solar inverters, national defense, aviation electronic equipment and half -bridge and full bridge resonance power transformer in the building equipment.

   In addition to providing custom -available turns for these applications, the loss of the transformer can be transferred from the iron core to the coil as needed to provide the best performance and heat dissipation. At the same time, its minimum parasitic changes optimize the choice of capacitors. The device has a frequency of 100kHz ~ 350kHz, the rated power is 4KW ~ 6KW, the input voltage is 400V ~ 800V, and the rated current is 28A. The isolation voltage of the device is 2500V. The transformer includes a bracket, which is used for cold plate installation and raised convex, which is available with the storm option. The M4 ring terminal is the standard of the transformer. It provides customized lead length and terminal type. The device can provide a thermal gap pad on the installation surface.

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