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Configurable, single/dual output, synchronous step-down controller for high current applications

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Data de postagem: 2023-02-08, Maxim Integrated

The MAX5066 is a two-phase, configurable single - or dual-output step-down controller with input voltage ranges of 4.75V to 5.5V or 5V to 28V. The thermal enhanced 28-pin TSSOP package is able to dissipate 1.9W. The unit is rated to operate in the automotive temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, or -40°C to +125°C.

Typical Operating Characteristics


Each stage of the MAX5066 is designed for 180° operation. Mode pins allow for dual output power supplies or connect two phases together for single output, high current power supplies. Each output channel of the MAX5066 drives an N-channel mosfet, capable of delivering over 25A load current. The MAX5066 is controlled in an average current mode with a switching frequency of up to 1MHz per phase, where each phase is 180° relative to the other.

Block Diagram


In dual-phase and single-output voltage applications, out-of-phase operation can significantly reduce the input capacitance ripple current and output voltage ripple. Each buck regulator output has its own high-performance current and voltage error amplifier that compensates for optimal output filter L-C values and transient responses. The MAX5066 provides two enable inputs with precise on-threshold values to allow an output voltage sequence of two outputs. The switching frequency of the device can be programmed from 100 KHZ to 1MHz with an external resistor.

The MAX5066 supports synchronization with the external clock. Each output voltage is adjustable between 0.61V and 5.5V. Other features include hot shutdown, "burp mode" short-circuit protection. The MAX5066 features adaptive voltage positioning for applications requiring fast transient response or precise output voltage regulation.

Current and Voltage Loops


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