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Colored LEDs offer a variety of spectral options

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Data de postagem: 2022-09-20, LED Engin Inc.

   Cree LED Color LEDs offer a wide spectrum of options for general and professional lighting applications. These LEDs offer small package size, low power consumption and application optimization to facilitate the lowest system cost. LEDs are easy to select, simple to use, and provide beautiful, long-lasting, energy-efficient light.

     The j-Series 2835 monochrome LEDs offer industry-leading performance in a broad combination of 14 colors in an industry-standard 2.8mm x 3.5mm 2835 package. These medium power LEDs are optimized for low density and linear lighting applications including construction, gardening and transportation.

    Cree LED XLamp Element G (XE-G) LEDs provide the next level of performance in color mixing applications requiring high light output levels and full control over spectral content. XLamp XE-G LEDs are available in 17 colors, as well as a complete portfolio of white options, giving lighting manufacturers unprecedented flexibility to vary and optimize light output characteristics. The 2.2005mm x 1.6mm package contains an industry-leading feature set for LEDs in this size class, including a large isolation thermal pad, ESD protection, and minimal spacing between the LED die and the package edge.

     XLamp XM-L Color Gen 2 LEDs are multicolor RGBW LEDs that provide high lumen output and great color mixing in a small 5mm x 5mm package. XLamp XM-L Color Gen 2 LEDs feature minimal distance between LED dies, creating a small light source for superior optical control and efficient color mixing.

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