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Bourns' new high-power resistor series shows excellent pulse load capability

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Data de postagem: 2022-11-03, Bourns Inc.

    Bourn introduced a new series of high-power resistors. Bourns CRG2512 series uses solid metal strip resistor components to provide excellent pulse load capacity and low resistance temperature coefficient (TCR). These features help improve the reliability of the resistor, making it the best surge current limiting solution for capacitors, hot inserts, and buffer circuits in various current detection, power, stepper motor drive, and input amplifier applications.

     Bourns new resistor adopts 2512 (6432 metric system) surface mount package size, rated power is 1W or 2W, TCR is as low as ± 50 ppm/° C, and operating temperature range is as high as 170 ° C. Due to the metal resistance module structure, Bourns ®  CRG2512 series can provide very low inductance, low noise and excellent reliability in a wide range of resistance values from 110 to 680 mOhm.

     Bourns continues to expand its portfolio of surface mount metal strip resistors designed for current detection applications. An easily measurable voltage produced by the current flowing through a resistor, which is proportional to the current flowing through the resistor. Compared with other technologies, the current detection resistor is more and more popular because of its high measurement accuracy and relatively low cost.All series are RoHS compliant and halogen-free

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